We recognize that the discussions we hold with our clients are often among the most consequential conversations they will ever have with anyone. We take our responsibilities very seriously.

Importantly, we strive to establish a professional rapport with our clients through clear, concise, and continuous communications. Building a longstanding bond of trust with our clients is part of our core values and helps us to sustain our relationships with them over the long haul.

Our clientele is a diverse group of high-net-worth individuals, multi-generational families, and successful business owners who are willing to work collaboratively with us, assume greater control of their finances and elevate their financial standing. We most notably provide enhanced value to the following groups of individuals.


Strategic Business Owners

If you’re running a business, you’ve likely got more than enough on your plate. Staying on top of the latest in retirement planning and regulations is likely not the first thing on your mind every morning as you wake up to a new day of challenges to overcome. 

As your business grows, it’s increasingly important to take care of the people in your business who have helped you achieve such success in your industry.  Working with RMR Wealth Management, we can discuss employee retirement planning strategies that align with your business objectives and can provide you with solutions to challenges that you may not have yet even identified.

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Senior Corporate Executive

After years of service to your organization, you may find that you have amassed a significant portfolio of stock or stock options that needs to be properly integrated into your overall financial picture. Our clients have utilized a variety of different plans on how to implement a strategy that converts these concentrated positions into tax-efficient retirement strategies. Through our strategic approach to navigating concentrated equity positions, we may uncover more tax-advantaged ways of distributing your wealth throughout the course of your retirement, keeping more of what you worked so hard for. 

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Emerging High Earners

You have great wealth potential based on your career development and your long-term investing time horizon. You are quickly rising through the ranks in your career, honing in on your first home purchase, making plans to save for your children’s education, and building your portfolio. We will help you develop a plan, so you can free up more of your valuable time for your pursuits.

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Retirement Ready

It’s time to start thinking about life after work. Typically within five years of your retirement, this is the time to begin identifying strategies for the distribution phase of your life. It’s a time in your life when your risk metric begins to shift. You have saved, invested, have put yourself in a position to enjoy your retirement, and now, it’s time to allow us to put together a plan on your behalf.

Approaching retirement can be overwhelming, but we’ll work with you to create a retirement plan that addresses every one of your concerns well before you stop working. When we’re finished with our expert analysis, you’ll not only know what you need (income) to fund your retirement lifestyle, but you’ll also have a strategy you can implement to bridge the shortfall – if any.

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