Alternative Investments

For high net worth individuals and institutional investors alternative investments have had an allocation in a well diversified portfolio. There are many types of alternative investments which attempt to add return to a portfolio while either reducing risk or correlation to the overall markets.

Structured products

Structured products are market-linked investments that generally represent an  investment strategy based on a single security, a basket of securities, options, indices, commodities, and/or foreign currencies. Much like a certificate of deposit, some structured products offer a principal guarantee if the investment is held to maturity. However, other structured products are directly correlated to the performance of an underlying security and do not offer a principal guarantee feature.

Structured Products are for investors that are seeking to:

  • Maintain exposure to certain markets while protecting their principal from market volatility (principal protected structured products)
  • Achieve an alternate income stream in a low yielding environment
  • Control risk by investing in products that provide tailored exposure to diverse asset classes
  • Add exposure to various asset classes that are difficult to gain exposure to

Concentrated stock positions

RMR Wealth Management works with investors and entrepreneurs including insiders, affiliates, founders, significant shareholders of both public and private companies to develop and implement strategies to manage concentrated equity positions. After a thorough discovery phase to determine the long term goals of the equity position, RMR will utilize both in house liquidation processes and partner with outside partners to manage various execution and hedging strategies. Whether you are a long time employee of a publicly traded company looking to diversify your accumulated holdings in the most tax efficient manner or an outside investor who needs assistance with the liquidation of an illiquid or newly publicly traded company, RMR has a team of experienced advisors who can assist you.

Hedge Funds

RMR Wealth Management has access to a large variety of hedge funds managers that qualified investors can choose from. Our advisors will assist you in researching and performing due diligence to find the right strategy to compliment your overall portfolio’s goals and objectives.

Venture Capital

RMR Wealth Management has a network of investment banks and venture platforms to source early stage deals for qualified investors.  These investments are in small private companies that are involved in emerging technologies as well as fast growing businesses.